About Black Walnut Studio & the art of Nicola Hodge Parker

The colors, textures and designs found in nature have a biological purpose.  But I also see plants and animals as living art.  When I see an interesting plant or animal my first reaction is "I wish more people could see this!"  That is what my art is all about - bringing the outdoors inside and making it part of our everyday life - in our offices, homes and in the things we use every day (tote bags, mugs, phone covers, pillows etc…)

My lifelong love of sketching and painting led me to a career in illustration and interactive digital media.  In 1993 I started Black Walnut Studio.com as a way to share my work with more people year round.  My husband and I spend time in the Shenandoah Mountains and Eastern Shore of Virginia - two areas which boast inspiring views and a rich environment for plants, animals and migratory birds.  There is never a shortage of subjects.

I do a limited number of commissions each year and work with designers to create unique pieces for their clients.  

What's not on the site...

My next painting! ... and a large collection of works not yet added to the site.  New paintings and special collections will be added throughout the year.  Check back in to see what's new.  Contact me any time at nicola@blackwalnutstudio.com